About The Film

New York's "Backyard"

The Mall as seen in Central Park: The People's PlaceCentral Park: The People's Place is a loving portrait of New York's collective "backyard." It is a biography of a living place that continues to evolve as the city changes. The documentary explores its historic creation as the first truly public park, its psychological/sociological significance, artistic design, and role as an urban oasis as the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of green spaces.

The film celebrates nature's seasonal changes with beautiful photography and original music that capture the "good vibes" of a park filled with New Yorkers at play. Home to birdwatchers, sunbathers, kids playing in the snow, musicians giving impromptu concerts and big events like the New York Marathon and Shakespeare in the Park —Central Park is central to the life of the city.

Central Park: The People's Place examines both the collective and individual experiences of Central Park rejoicing in the diversity and splendor of an American experiment in social democracy.

Inside The Film

The documentary features beautiful photography, an in-depth discussion of the park's landscapes and its history. Douglas Blonsky, President & CEO, Central Park Conservancy, described the evolving story of the park and the experiences it offers, "It is a series of these travels through the park, all these wonderful little destinations, that's what we want to highlight, really honor what Olmsted and Vaux did."

Interviews with: Morrison H. Heckscher, Lawrence A. Fleischman Chairman of the American Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Francis Morrone, Historian/Writer; Edward Hallowell, MD Child & Adult Psychiatrist; and other experts, provide a range of perspectives on the social and historical sides of the park's story.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

"In our urban society, the great stress-reducer that's not used nearly often enough is the human connection. It's magical. How it happens, I don't know. And you need a backdrop — you need the set for the play of human connection to unfold. This feeling of being a part of something larger than yourself that's magnificent."

Cooper Moore

"We live on the earth. But some of the only times that I feel in touch with the earth is when I am here, for it is here where I come every day, that the earth is alive and real for me. I walk barefoot in the grass, feel the release, the let-go. Every child should have a chance to walk barefoot in the grass and feel the support of the earth under them."

Watch The Trailers

The Official Trailer

Come with us as we explore America's greatest urban park.

The Gardens of Central Park

Visit the only formal gardens of Central Park, and area dating back to 1937.

The Rocks of Central Park

Learn about the fascinating geological history of the rock formations of Central Park.

The Park's Healing Qualities

See not only sensory gifts such as sight, sound, and smell but the gift of human interaction as well.