About The Director

Martin L. Birnbaum

Martin L. Birnbaum, Director of Central Park: The People's PlaceCentral Park: The People's Place is the result of one New Yorker's life-long love affair with Central Park. Eight-five-year-old Martin (Marty) L. Birnbaum, Professor Emeritus of Social Work and Group Studies at Yeshiva University, is the park-lover behind this new documentary. He has bought his unique professional, artistic and personal perspectives to this extraordinary film.

On Making The Film

"The film began with assembling my years of photographs taken of people and nature in all the seasons. As I ambled through the Park, I connected with a variety of interesting people who invited me to interview them, among them musicians whose music I recorded and some who, eventually, composed music for the film. Everyone's generosity of his or her time and talent was simply amazing.

After making this film, I agree with the historian Kenneth T. Jackson, who referred to Central Park as the 'most important public space in the U.S.' I hope you enjoy watching the film and that you'll come to appreciate Central Park as much as I do."

-Martin L. Birnbaum

Watch The Trailers

The Official Trailer

Come with us as we explore America's greatest urban park.

The Gardens of Central Park

Visit the only formal gardens of Central Park, and area dating back to 1937.

The Rocks of Central Park

Learn about the fascinating geological history of the rock formations of Central Park.

The Park's Healing Qualities

See not only sensory gifts such as sight, sound, and smell but the gift of human interaction as well.